What is the Tennessee Family Child Care Network?

Everyone needs a network of support that they can count on. For family child care entrepreneurs especially, a support network can make the difference between feeling like you’re out there on your own, to being deeply connected to other educators with a team of Advisors, Specialists, and Managers to turn to when you’re not sure what the next step is on your professional development pathway.

The Tennessee Family Child Care Network, or TFCCN for short, is designed to support, promote and strengthen the profession of licensed family child care educators, thereby enriching the lives of providers, children, families, and communities. We have created a statewide organization managed by the Center of Excellence for Learning Sciences at Tennessee State University and funded by the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

All family child care directors, owners, and staff are invited to join TFCCN as a Mentor, Protégé, supporter, or student. All services are free and available to providers regardless of their licensing status. To best serve the vast state of Tennessee effectively, we divide our service areas by grand division – west, middle, and east Tennessee. Our staffing is divided into west, middle and east as well. Each region has an Advisor who works directly with Mentors and providers, Managers who provide leadership and assist with the administration of the program, and in the future, Rural Recruitment Specialists to help build relationships and increase services and support to educators in rural areas.

All of us are here to partner with you and connect you with the resources to reach your personal and professional goals. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help. We are here to serve you!