What Is Peer-to-Peer Mentoring All About?

The Tennessee Family Child Care Network offers training and supports using a relationship-based peer mentoring approach, where seasoned family child care providers offer guidance and expertise in high-quality home-based early childhood education.


A mentor is defined as a more experienced individual with knowledge and skills, providing guidance and examples to the less experienced protégé. TFCCN Mentors are qualified, licensed Family or Group Home providers assigned to provide 20 hours of peer-mentoring to Protégés.


Protégés include individuals who are caring for or beginning to care for young children in their home setting in need of additional training and experience. TFCCN Protégés can include Unregulated, Authorized, or Licensed providers.

The Mentoring Process

Mentor-Protégé teams are paired by our Regional Advisors. During the peer-to-peer mentoring process, Protégés complete 20 peer-mentoring hours with a trained Mentor within a 30-to-60-day period. During each session, the Mentor helps the Protégé ask the right questions, find the right answers, and checks in on the progress of every goal.

Is Mentoring Right for You?

Protégés receive peer mentoring, technical assistance, and professional development support from licensed Family Child Care providers that serve as Mentors and Advisors providing in-home technical assistance. As a provider, you learn from those who do similar work and get help setting goals, receiving guidance and coaching through every challenge.

To sign up for our Peer-to-Peer Mentoring, contact the Advisor for your region.